The Faculty of Science and Technology was established in 1997 under the Pokhara University Act. In 1997. PU has adopted four years Bachelor Programs based on credit-semester system. An academic year of the University consists of two semesters of 16 weeks each.


to be a leader in preparing research-oriented scientists equipped with high-tech skills and profound ethical values


1)conduct an array of effective and useful programs recognizing the need of adequately qualified and capable professionals in various disciplines of Applied Science and Engineering
2)offer courses in health sciences, including health tourism through quality higher education, health and community service
3)develop the institution into a Center of Excellence for Higher Education by enhancing teaching, learning and research activities accelerate the national development process by producing job market-driven, responsible, productive, welfare focused and committed human resources
4)link the university system with community services.


1)unfold the potential and creativity of learners, advocating humanism, tolerance, reason, innovation, and search for truth competitive educational environments through extension programs
2)develop skilled human resources in the areas of law, science, technology, management, liberal arts, and educational and vocational studies
3)prepare creative and research oriented scientists in the field of basic as well as applied sciences through private participation in higher education
4)produce outstanding engineers, architects, technical experts equipped with commendable ethical values, and competences to face challenges of the 21st century.


1)high academic standards and quality assurance
2)extensive practical sessions conducted in fully equipped laboratories and workshops
3)dedicated and student-oriented faculty with diverse backgrounds, extensive technical experience and high academic qualifications
4)diverse programs concentrating on students’ growth and development as individuals as well as leaders of tomorrow’s global society, equipping them with skills and perspectives for rich and rewarding careers

Quality education should necessarily not be limited to rhetoric. It has to be in reality and action, so that the university students imbibe critical thinking skills, develop positive attitude to work, and enhance competitiveness to excel. Pokhara University, the youngest university system operating full-fledged programs in the country, aims at producing human resources capable of working for the local as well as the global community.