We aim to expand the access to higher education and to establish mutually beneficial relationship with foreign institutions and organizations. To cope the need of technical manpower needed for industries we aspire to work hand in hand with national and international companies, industries and academic institutions.  Unless and until we do not think of effective collaboration with such industries and academic institutions, the knowledge we impart to our student is insufficient as the technology today has advanced far ahead and to some extent beyond our expectation. The joint work in the field of research, exchange of student and staff in either institutions or industries abroad leads to know the culture, and share the facts of new technology that is in practice. Consequently, this results in better understandings of globalization and social responsibility. The knowledge obtained which does not address the need and demand of the people and society is merely futile. The International Centre is/ has been  established with the responsibility to initiate and implement international cooperation and coordination in academic and research activities between Pokhara University (PU) and other esteemed/acclaimed educational/cultural institutions, companies and industries around the globe.

In order to achieve better understanding and to explore the opportunities, the International Center is committed to:
  1. providing support for foreign students/scholars, faculties, researchers and other distinguished guests coming to carry out study, research and participating in seminar, conferences and other activities and assist them in obtaining suitable accommodations, airport pickup and coordinating in all other aspects of University life
  2. providing a conducive environment to international scholars, where they can come up with analytical solution to new problems and innovative findings as well
  3. creating national and international opportunities for PU students, faculties, and staff for study, research, teaching abroad, participation in training, seminar and conferences and ultimately broadening their learning horizons
  4. providing information regarding skilled and competent human resources available in the University, required for national and international institutions and organizations
  5. enhancing flexibility and freedom in academic program and thus promote/promoting the quality and standards of higher education
  6. assisting in creating and developing international institutional partnerships which are designed to augment the global scopes of both institutions and organizations.

Mr. Sandeep Phuyal, International Relations Officer, International Affairs Division, Institute of Science and Technology, Pokhara University, E-mail: international.relation@iost.edu.np