Pokhara University Teaching Hospital


The 21th Senate Meeting of Pokhara University, it has been decided to running 100 one hundred) bed Pokhara University Teaching Hospital into operation in this physical year 2078/79. Accordingly, the work related to the operation of Pokhara University Teaching Hospital is moving forward. The university has passed the proposal and working procedure of the hospital and allocating around Rs. 210 million. The director of Teaching Hospital has been appointed. The work of preparing the women’s dormitory building constructed within the “D” block (33 ropanis of Kitta No. 2123) of 114 ropanis of land at Khudi, Dhungepatan, Pokhara-30, which is currently in operation at the university, has been intensified as a 100-bed Pokhara University Teaching Hospital. The students in the dormitory building have been shifted to a local private building on the north side behind the university’s academic building complex. The work has been amplified by preparing a plan from the consultant to modify the hostel building as a teaching hospital operation. A procurement committee has been formed to procure the necessary equipments for the teaching hospital and its specification, cost estimate has been prepared and the arrangement of doctors, nurses and staff required for the hospital has also reached the final stage. The university has already laid the foundation stone for the construction of a state-of-the-art Pokhara University Teaching Hospital with a helipad on the roof in the “B” block (26 ropanis of Kitta No. 2122) of 114 ropanis of land between the examination control office at Khudi, Dhungepatan and the academic building complex.



1. Health Assistant_PUTH
2. Lab Technician_PUTH
3. Lecturer_PUTH
4. Pharmacy Assistant_PUTH
5. Radiography_PUTH
6. Staff Nurse_PUTH
7. Biomedical Engineer_PUTH
8. Medical Officer_PUTH